Contrarian Investments

Entity Wagering

Who Can become a member?

Members can be from anywhere in the world, are 21 years of age or older and have valid identification. All potential investors
go through a verification process which includes address, drivers license and proof of income.

Legal & Regulated
The newly passed Senate Bill 443 allows Nevada entities to place sports wagers with funds from their investors.

How do I invest?
Entity wagering works similarly to traditional funds. First email requesting an Associated Individual Form (required to verify all funds being invested were gained legally). Once approved you become a member, and transfer funds to Contrarian Investments’ LLC Bank of Nevada account (after being approved), who invests your funds on sporting events at a risk level previously determined.

How am I approved?
You will need to fill out a short verification form, have it notarized, and email it to Contrarian Investments LLC where it will then be approved so you can have a stake in Contrarian Investments LLC’s returns. Turnaround time is usually 5 days- 2 weeks.

What type of fees are there?
There is a performance fee in place that amounts to 20% of positive returns generated for the current holding period, calculated on January 31st and July 31st. Please see below for details. Note that if the fund does not return a profit within a given holding period, no fees will be due.

How long can I invest in Contrarian Investments LLC?
You can invest as long as you want but returns are calculated bi-annually. You can request payment of investment/returns after basketball season on June 31st and after Football season on January 31st.

What’s the Minimum I can invest?
The current minimum investment is $5,000, which is expected to rise by January 2018.

Certificate of Good Standing

Investing In Sports Gambling? Nevada Just Made It Possible

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Click below to view link for SB443
Nevada Senate Bill 443

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