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*CONI is not registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission, nor does it have to be for SB443. It is purely for reference.

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A new market is now available to all with the passage of Senate Bill 443, allowing people from all over the world to legally invest in sportsbetting entities. The name Contrarian Investments speaks to the core of the fund. First, the very nature of sportsbetting provides a fundamentally different yet wholly viable type of investing in comparison to more traditional investments such as stocks and bonds. The namesake also highlights the fund’s investment strategy: using professional insight coupled with advanced computer modeling to bet against market fluctuations caused by the public perception of novice bettors’ overreactions to trends and recent events. The ability to identify these fluctuations creates value for Contrarian Investments LLC, generating an edge over the house and potentially long run positive returns in the sportsbetting market.

Chris Connelly, the fund’s founder and manager, has been recognized by multiple 3rd party handicapping sites as one of the top bettors in Vegas. Chris turned down multiple offers to sell picks for privately held companies because of his vision that the multi billion dollar sportsbetting industry would one day become the new marketplace rivaling that of the major stock indexes. While that day hasn’t yet arrived, these recent legalization of entity wagering has moved us closer at a rate far beyond what anyone could have predicted. With Contrarian Investments, the first fund of its kind, investors now have the unique opportunity to be at the frontier of this exciting and promising new market. Investors can now see profits/losses on their money based on the results generated by Contrarian Investments LLC in the sportsbetting market.

While it is a good start, it has a ways to go” -Marc Cuban, speaking about Contrarian Investments LLC, told the Wall Street Journal in an January 31, 2017 article.

“He’s doing it in a new way. Connelly is the founder of Contrarian Investments LLC, one of the first established sports betting entities in Nevada. In June, Gov. Brian Sandoval signed into law Senate Bill 443, which authorized business entities to place wagers on behalf of investors from around the world, with investors sharing in the wins and losses.“Think of it as a mutual fund,” said Parikshat Khanna, chief operating officer of CG Technology sports books. – Las Vegas Review Journal May 13th, 2016

“Similar to the common Wall Street method of looking for arbitrage in overvalued or undervalued stocks, Connelly said he uses a computer model to look for overvalued gambling spreads and bets against them.” – Bloomberg, Sportsbetting is Starting to Look a Lot More Like Wall Street, March 14th 2017

“It took some time for gaming regulators in Nevada to formalize rules surrounding these new types of sports betting mutual funds. Connelly’s Contrarian Investments became one of the first approved funds once the regulations were formed, and he is off to a good start. He currently has returned 5% for his investors” -Darren Heitner in Inc. April 2016

“Contrarian Investments, owned by Chris Connelly, is one of the pioneer companies in the world of sports betting mutual funds.” – LV Business Press July 3rd 2016

“Contrarian Investments LLC was registered by Nevada on March, 7, 2016, and made its first bet on April 19 on a San Antonio Spurs game. He won. It was a sign of things to come over the next six months. Connelly would end up winning 17 of his first 20 bets…” – Las Vegas Review Journal March 24th 2017

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