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I’m not going to just say I’m a successful sports bettor, I’m going to show you. Lots of people claim to have an edge but few really do. I back up my investments with my own money. If I wasn’t successful I wouldn’t be able to sustain these types of investments over the long run.


baseballking 2-12-13

Greatly admire your patience . That is why you make big money and stay on course with your system . I have learned over the years the fewer bets you make the more profit follows . I still bet way to many but much less than when i started doing this shit 15 yrs ago . Keep up the good work and we will all be ready to load up big on your next play

cpmetten 2-18-13

Ccon, you have been on an absolute tear man. I know a magician never reveals his secrets but any insight into this system you are using for the games? Also keep up the good work and thanks for not just picking winners but most importantly.... being consistent!

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