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Sports betting pro wants you to invest in his skill

Now, Chris Connelly wants to legally take your money to the sports book and use it to make bets. 8/25/16 (Sergio Avila / KSNV)

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LAS VEGAS (KSNV News3LV) — He’s a San Diego resident who lives part time in Las Vegas and has made a living on sports betting for the past four years.

Now, Chris Connelly wants to legally take your money to the sports book and use it to make bets.

Connelly is the founder of Contrarian Investments and told News 3 his company is similar to a mutual fund.

Sergio Avila @SergioNews3LV
Chris Connelly started taking investor money for sports bets in April. NBA Finals netted 19% return. @News3LV #Vegas
4:07 PM – 25 Aug 2016 · Las Vegas, NV, United States
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Like a broker, bettors have to trust him to place the right bet.

“It offers them an alternative form of investing that can produce a solid return,” said Connelly.

This investment fund started operating in Nevada after a recently passed law allowed this type of business.

So far Connelly’s only bet on the NBA Finals, and it went well.

“Currently, I’ve returned 19.5 percent and I expect my future results to be on par,” said Connelly.

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Sergio Avila @SergioNews3LV
Sports betting expert wants you to invest in his company to make you money through sports betting. @News3LV #Vegas
2:34 PM – 25 Aug 2016
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He says he’s outpacing traditional investment funds year-to-date.

News 3 set out to ask some visitors if they’d be convinced to invest in a sports betting pro.

“We have a chance of making more money and you could give me back the original money I loaned you,” said Greg Mardirosian, a sports bettor.

Investors have no say where their money goes, Connelly uses a computer program, serious research and sports knowledge to find the right wagers.

“We wait and wait for opportunities where there’s an advantage on our side and we fire away on that side, exclusively,” said Connelly.

Interested investors have to pass a background check and will soon be required to invest a minimum of $5000.

The difference between this and traditional sports betting, anyone around the world can do it, legally.

It may be sports betting but for Connelly it’s business.

“I’m not in the sports book rah-rah, rooting for the team. It’s a transaction I make and a lot of the times I may not even watch the game myself,” said Connelly.

If you still want the rush, Connelly told News 3 he does let investors know what game their money is riding on to add to the thrill of the bet.

If you’re considering an investment, click here.