Entity Wagering

Entity Wagering


Who Can become a member?

Members can be from anywhere in the world, are 21 years of age or older and have valid identification. All potential investors go through a verification process which includes address, drivers license and proof of income.



Legal & Regulated

The newly passed Senate Bill 443 allows Nevada entities to place sports wagers with funds from their investors.

How do I invest?

Entity wagering works similarly to traditional funds. First email chris@contrarianinvestments.net requesting an Associated Individual Form (required to verify all funds being invested were gained legally). Once approved you become a member, and transfer funds to Contrarian Investments’ LLC Bank of Nevada account (after being approved), who invests your funds on sporting events at a risk level previously determined.

How am I approved?

You will need to fill out a short verification form, have it notarized, and email it to Contrarian Investments LLC where it will then be approved so you can have a stake in Contrarian Investments LLC’s returns. Turnaround time is usually 5 days- 2 weeks.

What type of fees are there?

There is a performance fee in place that amounts to 20% of positive returns generated for the current holding period, calculated on January 31st and July 31st. Please see below for details. Note that if the fund does not return a profit within a given holding period, no fees will be due.

How long can I invest in Contrarian Investments LLC?

You can invest as long as you want but returns are calculated bi-annually. You can request payment of investment/returns after basketball season on June 31st and after Football season on January 31st.

What’s the Minimum I can invest?

The current minimum investment is $5,000, which is expected to rise by January 2018.

Certificate of Good Standing


Investing In Sports Gambling? Nevada Just Made It Possible

Click below to view link for SB443

Nevada Senate Bill 443